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Elephant is here to to confront the topics that we often let slip into the background–­­just to stay in our comfort zone. We are unabridged in a diversity of viewpoints and strive to give readers stories they can digest. Through in­-depth features, personal essays, and fresh perspectives on underreported stories, we’re done ignoring the elephant in the room. By covering taboo topics,we seek to ignite courage, stimulate conversation, and inspire change. The elephant is trumpeting loud–­­so listen up.


Meet The Team…and their soapbox


Editorial Staff



Co-Editor in Chief – Kelcie McKenney
Anything and everything about women and gender equality makes me get on my soapbox.
I’m a feminist to my core and proud of it.




Co-Editor in Chief – Lauren Cutshall
I want to stand on a soapbox to encourage kindness and respect.





Managing Editor – Kendall Moon
The fastest way to get me on a rant is to not use a blinker.
It’s seriously unsafe and horribly annoying.
Stop being lazy drivers, people!




Senior Editor – Kerry Gaynor
Sometimes you’re too short to see the problems around you and need a boost for a new perspective.





Senior Editor – Liz Anderson
An issue without any voice is like a tree falling in the forest– no one will notice it,
no one will hear it, and no one will care. Let’s work to change that.


Senior Editor – Eva Thomas

I could stand on a soapbox for days talking about the importance of environmental conservation. In the future, I hope to buy a piece of the rainforest! But for now, I’ll take small actions to be a conservationist. And you should, too!




IMG_6030 (1)


Associate Editor – Ali Naas
I want to stand on a soapbox about the importance of pro­choice.



Associate Editor – Kaylee Kruschke
I can’t stand when employers break the law when it comes to the treatment of their employees.
That’s why I hope to help those who’ve been wronged after I finish law school in 2019.



Associate Editor – Spike Henn
I would climb atop a soapbox to question why Nintendo forces me to spell my name 5pike when playing their games.
Apparently Spike is just too sharp. (See what I did there?)




Associate Editor – Ashley Simonson
I’d stand on a soap box for equality. Everyone deserves love and acceptance.


Staff Writer – Maria Wingert
What makes me want to stand on a soapbox?
“As a middle child, I’ve been standing on chairs for as long as I can remember. Now I just get to do it for credit.”



Art Department


Art Director – Emily Dreher
I will soapbox for days about pockets on female clothes.




Assistant Art Director – Emily Planek
What makes me want to stand on a soapbox?
“People who are constantly on their phones. Be present and live in the moment. ”


Staff Photographer – Shalissa Pulak
I will stand on a soapbox all day to talk about the importance of our freedom of expression. We are all individuals with our own identity. We should own it. For instance, I would love not to have a lecture about what my tattoos will look like when “I get old”. I’ll look badass, that’s how I will look.



Web Department

Web Editor – Peter Diamond
I want to stand on a soapbox when people give uninformed opinions, or cite the “liberal media bias” in arguments.



Web Developer – Sarah Podzorski
No, I don’t want to download your app. Please stop asking.




Web Writer – Danny
When people act conceited. There is no need to publicly portray that you are better than everyone else. Here is a quote for the moment: “There is no respect for others without humility in one’s self.” –Henri Frederic Amiel




Circulation and Marketing Manager – Madison Dick
I’m really passionate about society not allowing women to express their sexuality. Do what feels good.