Telling my parents I’m a Democrat


How to open up about about your opposing political beliefs

If you’ve endured any type of awkward Thanksgiving dinner conversation centered around politics, you know how different your family’s political views can be from your own. But much like opening up about your sexual orientation or empty bank account, telling your parents that you, in fact, are a Democrat can be scary to think about and difficult to execute. Here’s how you do it.

Step One: Compliment them

Your parents have been wiping your nose and telling you not to eat dirt for around 20 years. Acknowledge that. There is nothing you can say or do that will remove the fact they raised you and should be respected for not killing you in the process. So start with something nice. Ex: “Wow Mom, your hair looks nice today.”

Step Two: Tell them how you feel

After brightening their day a bit, try not mess up their good mood right away. Start with a soft throw like, “Hey. I’m not sure we feel the same way about Trump. He’s a racist bigot.” See how that goes over. If they’re cool with it, take your foot off the base and throw out some social issues. Finally, just come out with it. Tell them you’re batting for the other team.

Step Three: Agree to Disagree

Chances are, there is going to be some things (or everything) you don’t see eye to eye on. If tension is in the air, take a step back. College Democrats at the University of Minnesota President Haylee Hilton said “Reactions of parents will be different. Some parents will be disappointed.” Telling them that you appreciate their opinion will go a long way. You don’t even have to mean it if you want to. You can read about a real guy that told his parents and survived here.

Step Four: Agree to never speak of it again

Finally, resolving the entire issue. Ending the screaming fight with an “Ugh, can we just never talk about this again?” is always a good way to wrap things up. Clear the air with an awkward hug, and leave the room, or the state if you prefer. Then avoid them like the plague until the next family get-together.