So… what now?


What not to say after having sex

Sex can be a very intimidating thing, even if it is filled with passion and love. While sex is happening, the mind is at another level and you are sharing a special bond with another individual.

However, that feeling can subside once sex is over. With no more oxytocin released from the body, you are now left with a feeling of awkwardness, especially if you just met the other person the night before. So, what is next then? Do you just stay in bed and remain silent, or do you engage in conversation?

If you do decide to muster a sentence or two, here is some advice from a couple University of Minnesota students on what not to say after having sex:

Kongxib Vue, a senior studying youth studies, said that he wouldn’t recommend comparing current performance with any previous sex. “I think it would be really weird if a girl started talking about how her ex did a better job pleasuring her,” Vue said. “Where do you go from there? It’s only going to be awkward.”

Also, he noted that talking about how long the performance lasted can be discouraging if it was short and simple. “If I came early, I don’t want her to talk about it because that would be embarrassing,” Vue said.

Jesse Souknhindy, a junior studying Economics, said it would be really rude for someone to tell the other person to leave right after sex. “It basically means that they used you for sex,” Souknhindy said. He also added that being clingy and saying extreme things is also not advised after sex. “I don’t want a girl to tell me how much she loves me if I just met her,” Souknhindy said. “That’s a turn off.”

Kyla Schultz, a senior studying linguistics, said that no matter how the performance was, you shouldn’t apologize for it. “I think that even if the sex was bad, the worse part is saying how you can do better and apologizing over and over again,” Schultz said.

However, she did say that it is better to say something then nothing at all. “At least saying something shows that they are trying to communicate,” Schultz said. “It is less awkward than silence I guess.”

Well, those are only a few tips that can help you face the next awkward period you put yourself in after sex. If you don’t, you probably won’t have sex with that person again!