Banned Video Games Around the Country


Most of us grew up playing some type of video game console or maybe even still do to this day. The best thing about gaming is that it brings you into a virtual world where you can put your imagination to use.

However, video games can portray concepts that are deemed by society to be too violent or sexual, becoming banned in the process, but there are other reasons why a government may choose to ban a game. Here are some games that have been banned by certain countries around the world. Surprisingly, only one game has been banned in the United States.

United States

The Guy Game (2004)


The video game is presented in a trivia game show style that supports up to four players.  The game involves action video footage of young women in bikinis, and they eventually expose their breasts throughout the game. It was banned due to pornography laws in the United States because one of the models portrayed was 17 at the time of production.

This is the only game banned in the U.S. because of pornographic content. Besides that, the United States as a country has not banned games specifically related to video games.



Football Manager 2005 (2004)


This video game is a simulation game where users are able to acquire a soccer team and manage it as if they were the manager. It was banned in China because the game recognized Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Tibet as independent nations. The Chinese government were upset with the choice made by the video game creator Sega and subsequently banned it, saying it threatened “sovereignty and territorial integrity.”


United Kingdom

Carmageddon (1997)


The game is a violent vehicular combat-style game, where players race a vehicle against a number of other computer-controlled players in different cities. Players can gain points by making a checkpoint on time, damaging opponents’ cars, or running over pedestrians. This game was banned in the UK because it contained zombies with green blood or robots with black oil instead of people. The country refused to certify the game for excessive violence, and would only release it in the country if all the blood and gore was removed. The UK later certified a censored version of the game.


Manhunt 2 (2007)


This is a third-person, psychological horror video game. Players are able to play the role of a man who is on a mission to violently kill his enemies. One of the killings includes sneaking up behind an enemy and destroying them with a baseball bat. It was banned in the UK for both excessive violence and cruelty; later a modified version was made and submitted for certification.



The Punisher (2004)


This video game is a third-person shooting game, where players can assume the role of a man called the Punisher, from Marvel comics. The Punisher can attack or perform a quick kill when encountering an enemy. There is an interrogation feature installed in the game as well, where the Punisher can interrogate his enemies through torture methods. This game was banned in the UK because the interrogation scenes were considered controversial and could cause harm to the public. A final version was released that covered these scenes, which got approved by the government. 


Those are a couple games that, if you feel rebellious, are available to try out if you live in the United States (not The Guy Game, though, unless you got it when it was released).