The University of Minnesota and Gender Neutral Bathrooms

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The national movement for colleges to be gender inclusive hits the U of M

The University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (UMN) noticed that trans* students were speaking out about the anxiety they felt when sharing a bathroom space with a cisgender person. Starting in April of 2015, UMN President Eric Kaler allocated $250,000 to increase the number of gender neutral facilities from 150 to 300. The UMN now has more than 250 of these bathrooms, according to UMN spokesman Steve Henneberry.

In the graphic above, you can locate the number of bathrooms that correspond to each building on campus. While the above map does not reflect the true amount of bathrooms (there are more now to date than actually shown on the University’s most recent map), it offers students and faculty some options for using gender neutral/unisex bathrooms.