Horrible dates are everywhere and you are not alone



We’ve all made terrible decisions that we didn’t realize were bad until it was too late. Going on a Tinder date, twice, with someone is one of those situations.

Julie Vang, a senior in family social science, said she met up with a guy who was allegedly in an open relationship with someone overseas. “He told me that he met this girl in Japan when he studied abroad and asked her out two weeks before he left for the U.S.,” Vang said. “And then he continued that relationship online when he came back.”

At that moment, she said that her date went into further detail about his open relationship, describing how they met. He also showed Vang pictures of her and conversations they exchanged over text. Vang wanted to be nice and stayed to listen to what he had to say.  “At the end of it, he told me that he enjoyed talking to me just because I didn’t barge into his story,” Vang said. “He asked if we can see each other again, and I said I will think about it and text him back.”

She said she didn’t respond back to him about meeting up again, but the guy started texting her anyway. It was a week after her first date that he texted her and asked to meet up. “I didn’t have anything going on, so I agreed,” Vang said.

They went to a brewery and things got weirder.

“He told me that he broke up with [the girl from Japan] because he was interested in me,” Vang said. “He even showed me the conversation that they had about it.”

She thought that everything was a little too much at that point and told him to give her some time to think about what he did. However, she said he was getting pretty desperate. “He tried to hold my hand and kept saying that he broke up with his ex to be with me,” Vang said.

After a while of his persistence, she told him that it was getting late and asked for a ride home. “I sent him a text the next day saying that you’re better off with someone else then me. I don’t want to commit to anything,” Vang said.



Senior Rishi Roy also shared a horrible date experience. At the end of last semester, he decided to ask out a girl in his crime and human rights class. He said they were in the same group the whole semester together and had gotten along pretty well.

She ended up saying yes to a coffee date with Roy at Espresso Royale. Roy said during the majority of the date things were going really well. An avid freestyle rapper, Roy ended up rapping to her. Roy also said he enjoys making funny puns, and he thought that his date was receptive of it. “The date was about an hour or an hour-and-a-half long, and it was going great,” Roy said. “It was the last 10 minutes that ruined it.”

When he asked his date if she knew someone in the class that was a friend of his, Roy said she gave a disgusted look, saying, “I’m actually not friends with that person.” According to Roy, she started calling his friend a “bitch” and ranted on about petty stories involving the friend. Apparently, his friend and his date lived across the hall from each other their freshman year.  They had a scuffle regarding a guy that they both liked.

Through her rant, Roy said he just did the “active listening thing.”

“I just nodded my head and just replied with small comments to her to show that I was listening,” Roy said. When she finished her rant, he told his date that it’s unfortunate that she felt that way about his really good friend. After that, he told her that he had to get going. The next day, Roy said she sent a text apologizing to him about the situation. “I replied saying, ‘Oh, I understand. Don’t worry about it,'” Roy said. Since then, he hasn’t spoken to the girl.

So what is your horrible date experience? We would love to hear from you. Comment below and share with us!