Brony Chat



The Brony story told from the horse’s mouth
Tyler Guy watches a show intended for children ages four to seven. He isn’t alone. Bronies are a group of guys or “brothers” who enjoy watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Why would a University of Minnesota junior want to watch a show targeted towards young girls? Guy gives us a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to be a Brony and why the show resonates with a group so far outside of its target demographic.


When did you first become interested in My Little Pony (MLP)?

TG: I was on YouTube watching some Call of Duty gameplay where someone was trolling with My Little Pony. The show turned out to be bigger than what I expected […], so I decided to try it out–since I’m a sucker for cute things. I binge watched it all on Netflix, but I wasn’t sold on it immediately until I watched a few episodes.



Who is your favorite MLP?

TG: They all speak to me, but my favorite is Fluttershy. She’s the embodiment of innocence, so I think that’s why everyone loves her. And since I am a sucker for cute things, I like her the best. I also really like Rainbow Dash. Her colors are very unique, and she’s a tough tomboy. I like how brave she is.


What was your first experience with the MLP fandom?

TG: I don’t really participate in the fandom, I just like to read the fanfiction. The writing isn’t that bad. The ones I have read are really, really good. There [are] a lot of different genres like slice-of-life, action, [and] some can get pretty dark. But my favorites are the big, epic adventures with a lot of action, since my favorite genre is fantasy. The lore that people develop is really amazing. They expand on the world so much.


What is it about MLP that you enjoy?

TG: The plot is really good. They are very deep, and they focus on real world problems that resonate with me and that I find very relatable. Frankly, I think other shows […] that are also geared toward kids, like on Disney and Nickelodeon, aren’t as good.


Do you have a favorite episode?

TG: My favorite is the 100th episode because it was basically fan pandering, and in the season four finale, there was a lot of action and fighting. It blew my mind that Hasbro would do that!


What would you like to say to people who criticize Bronies?

TG: Watch the show; it’s not what you think. I can see where they come from, but it’s just not true. Hasbro executives said they wanted to create a show that everyone could relate to, that will appeal to both young audiences and old audiences. For example, Canterlot is based off a city in Lord of the Rings. There’s even a character that references The Big Lebowski. It’s definitely not your traditional girls show.

Big Lebowski Reference