My Caucus is Bigger than your Caucus


Your recap of the 2016 Minnesota Caucuses

The Minnesota caucuses were a big deal this year. Since they had been moved to Super Tuesday, the caucuses held around the state seemed to draw more attention than in past election cycles. More candidates came to Minnesota, and more begged and pleaded for our votes. I dragged a few of my friends to the Democratic caucuses, and here’s what went down.


If you didn’t go on Tuesday or aren’t paying a lot of attention to politics, you may be wondering why the heck you should be spending precious would-be Instagram time in a weird place full of too many people. But caucuses can be the difference between life and death (anyone remember Jeb Bush?). Donald Trump is running for crying out loud. LIFE AND DEATH PEOPLE.  But luckily, Minnesota didn’t get too crazy on Tuesday. Here are the winners.

We’re feelin’ the Bern’, but not by much. Hill-dog overtook Bernie in a few other states, but he got the big W here. And yes, I get all of my information from Twitter. Sue me.

Luckily in our state, we have some educated individuals that make sure the GOP didn’t fly too far off base. Rubio won! Unfortunately, he didn’t win anywhere else. Literally. He hasn’t won another state yet.


What you missed:

Ever think, “Wow, I wonder how a caucus actually works?” Well, I am here to save the day. Even if you did caucus on campus, it probably looks really different than a real one. Luckily for you, I live in a district that didn’t caucus on campus. Here’s what I saw.

Weave through the lines of traffic and get in a line of people like this.


Find your congressional and judicial districts, then find someone smarter than you to help you find the room you’re supposed to be in. Proceed to wander down the halls of a middle school and pretend you’re on your way to class.


Sign in at your room, vote, and wait for the action to start. (You can leave after you vote, but what fun is that?)  


Wait for all the late people. *smirking emoji*


Listen to the election of the caucus chair, secretary, and tellers. We got this guy as our chair, who was extremely patient and looked like that old high school teacher you actually got along with.


Listen to the election of delegates. Think Oprah handing out cars. “And YOU get to be a delegate and YOU get to be a delegate!”


Consider resolutions (Resolutions are issue proposals that are voted and then brought to the county level. Think, “Hey, I want minimum wage to be $15. Here ya go, democratic party, run with it!”). Resolutions are basically a way to tell your representatives at many levels what their constituents (you) want.


Votes are tallied and announced. S/O for the person who decided he/she was an independent man/woman who don’t need no president. Read what uncommitted means here.


And then caucuses are adjourned! Time to go home and wait for the results. Scroll back up if you missed how Minnesota voted on Tuesday.